Kelly Warner Law Firm Blames USA Herald for Arizona Bar Investigation


When news started to surface around the Kelly Warner’s legal filings that had fake defendants, fake notarizations, and forged signatures, Rodrick brought to light that Barri Grossman is apparently a fake person that doesn’t exist anywhere in the world.    Rodrick was able to confirm that “Barri Grossman” never worked for the Kelly Warner Law Firm (which is covered in more detail on Rodrick’s and websites).

In retaliation for Rodrick posting his findings online, a new defamatory post is published on  This is the exact same conduct that led to Rodrick’s first bar complaint against Warner is repeated, and as such we covered it here:

6/23/17  Paul Alan Levy of Public Citizen filed this lawsuit on behalf of Avvo to vacate an allegedly illegal filing by The Kelly Warner Law Firm:

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