Kelly Warner Law Firm Blames USA Herald for Arizona Bar Investigation


5/17/17 Based on the information released in The Washington Post article on 5/17/17, the USA Herald publishes another in-depth article that highlights what appears to be more fraud on the courts by the Kelly Warner Law Firm:

6/6/17  Upon request from our audience, The USA Herald publishes an article that covers the disbarment process in Arizona and our analysis of whether Attorney Aaron Kelly and Attorney Daniel Warner will get disbarred for their alleged legal misconduct:

6/11/17 The USA Herald publishes a detailed article around the 4/18/17 Washington Post story

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6/21/17  Attorney Warner had vehemently denied publishing a defamatory story on his law website about former client Charles Rodrick.  As a defense Warner provided the Arizona Bar with an affidavit from a “Barri Grossman” that was said to be an employee of the Kelly Warner Law Firm.   The Bar, trusting the sworn testimony of Warner, dismissed the lawsuit.