Mitch McConnell Rumored to Back Trump Impeachment


Almost one week ago, supporters of President Donald Trump ransacked the U.S. Capitol in a shocking onslaught. The chaos on January 6 prompted extensive property damage and lawmakers having to hide in fear for their lives.  Last Wednesday’s events furthermore engendered a series of arrests and deaths.

The subsequent blowback that Trump continues to face is massive. Aside from being banned from multiple social media sites and online payment processing companies, Democrats in the House are seeking to impeach Trump.

Led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, congressional Democrats argue that each day Trump remains in office places the nation in peril, hence ongoing impeachment attempts. However, Democrats are not completely alone in their quest to impeach the 45th president; some Republicans are on board with the cause as well.

In fact, current rumors assert that Senate Leader Mitch McConnell is one of the Republicans in support of impeaching Trump.

McConnell on impeaching President Trump

Thus far, McConnell has not openly come out and verbalized his favor of impeachment. However, sources close to the Senate leader allege that he’s informed colleagues that Trump engaged in impeachable acts; likewise, rumors assert that McConnell sees impeachment as an easier road to removing Trump and Trumpism from the Republican Party.