Mom of Cornell Student Accused of Antisemitic Threats Points to Son’s Online Apology


The case of a Cornell University student accused of making violent antisemitic threats has been getting nationwide attention.  However, the students’ online apology was quickly taken down.

Hours after the threatening online posts emerged from 21-year-old Cornell student Patrick Dai, a new post appeared with a radically different tone. 

In this final post, Dai offered a heartfelt apology, acknowledging the gravity of his actions and expressing remorse.

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Online Apology

The online apology began with a sincere tone: “Apologies,” it read, “There is no room for divisive statements in person or online. I am sorry.”

Dai’s apology continued, “A lesser man would try to hide behind a mask, and that is exactly what I did. Shameful, calling for violence against people because of a cruel war a thousand miles away. Even more shameful because there is no excuse for the targeting of innocent civilians, much less my classmates.”