Portrait of an Autocrat – Dr. Amy Hecht of Florida State University


Maybe putting fraternities out of business has been the plan all along.

The implication to Greeks is chilling: Sign this document and accept these financial and social burdens that will put you out of business. Don’t sign it and you can enjoy your indefinite suspension indefinitely.

Every FSU student and alumnus, Greek or not, should be terrified by the plans of Dr. Hecht. When she is done terrorizing the Greek community, we can only wonder, who is next?

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We wonder if Dr. Hecht plans to initiate an exchange program with a North Korean university. FSU Alumni and donors should demand that FSU keep its lessons on authoritarianism in the Political Science and History departments and not apply them as living lessons to certain classes of vulnerable students.

USA Herald will provide ongoing coverage of this saga.  Stay tuned for further updates.