Portrait of an Autocrat – Dr. Amy Hecht of Florida State University


Any university President other than the well-regarded Thrasher would have already been hit with numerous civil rights lawsuits. The Greeks, it seems, wanted to trust Thrasher that his call for a period of reflection was just that. They remain hopeful they can count on him to control his hit woman.

Hecht may well earn accolades from her national university peers for her heavy-handed approach to dealing with a class of students that may be regarded by some as entitled, but in reality, she is merely stripping a helpless class of students of their freedom and liberty. Such tactics should never be celebrated anywhere in America.

Sadly, what Hecht is enjoying is the rush of unlimited power over people who can’t fight back. In this case, it is an entire community of 7,100 students who were indefinitely shut down in November until the University announced this Tuesday that they are somewhat free to move again.

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In her “Confidential Draft Community Plan” issued on January 16, Dr. Hecht’s tactics are so aggressive and egregious they seek to control even very personal matters like the content and decorations of the rooms in the privately owned Greek houses.