Portrait of an Autocrat – Dr. Amy Hecht of Florida State University


Additionally, FSU’s wanton attack on personal liberties limit knife blades to those less than four inches. No alcohol is permitted in or on the grounds of any of the private houses. No alcohol, ever, in a private fraternity residence, even for 21-year-olds.

Even the memories of alcohol are forbidden. “Decorative containers, collections such as bottles, cans, bottle caps and alcohol advertising are not permitted in the facility. Devices such as empty kegs, beer balls, funnels, bongs, beer pong tables, etc. are not permitted in the facility.”

Yet in all of her targeted attacks on the rights of young members of sororities and fraternities, Dr. Hecht turns a blind eye to all other groups of FSU students. She makes no pronouncement regarding the sprawling apartment complexes where most students live and enjoy college life. Not a single limitation is imposed there.

Only the private Greek houses draw her ire and are targeted to be crushed. The “Confidential Draft Community Plan” also requires that every Greek house allow for a full time, live-in employee of Dr. Hecht’s office to “monitor activity.” The Greeks are expected to pay for this expense too, of course.