Portrait of an Autocrat – Dr. Amy Hecht of Florida State University


FSU will require a $150 annual tax on every FSU fraternity and sorority member.   According to university records, there are 7,111 fraternity and sorority members.  The new tax will add considerably more than $1 million every year to Dr. Hecht’s operation.

Response has ranged from shock to confusion to outrage.  Greeks point out that many members of these organizations work to afford tuition, and many others receive scholarships.  “If individual men cannot pay the tax, the university will expect the fraternity to make up the difference,” said one source. “We already pay fees to our national fraternity for insurance, dues and other financial requirements.  This tax will put some small fraternities out of business.”

Maybe putting fraternities out of business has been the plan all along.

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The implication to Greeks is chilling: Sign this document and accept these financial and social burdens that will put you out of business. Don’t sign it and you can enjoy your indefinite suspension indefinitely.