Portrait of an Autocrat – Dr. Amy Hecht of Florida State University


Upon releasing her manifesto, Dr. Hecht issued a cover letter to her Community Draft Plan saying, that basically the Greeks have one week to decide if they will comply. She told Greek alumni negotiators that she could extend the suspension until the students capitulated.

“The plan attached here and discussed in several of the meetings that occurred, is a starting point for discussion and dialogue. It is not the final version.” She has further explained that some of her stipulations are subject to negotiation.  How kind of her.

But what is there to negotiate?  Whether or not you’re allowed to have a Natural Light poster in your own bedroom?

Negotiation was far from the tone she set when she first met with the CEOs of the various national fraternities.  Her message was “It’s my university.  These terms are set and non-negotiable.”  Then Dr. Hecht left the room while the CEOs were still assembled.

Later, Dr. Hecht met with the fraternity alumni group her tone had softened somewhat, but she still insisted that her way or the highway is the choice.  She also stood up and left that meeting as well, while the alumni were still speaking.