#RefundPete, Black Communities, and LGBTQ+


Looking on Twitter, there are many memes of people from the black community saying, “I told you so. #refundpete” But I find this somewhat dishonest.

#RefundPete Explained

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is facing a wave of criticism from the left. Buttigieg released a list of clients he served ten years ago, while in a junior position at McKinsey & Company. This has led to accusations of preferential treatment, particularly towards the healthcare industry.

The client many are honing in on is Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. Protestors dog Buttigieg. They claim his “connection” to the healthcare industry muddied his views on Medicare.

Buttigieg, of course, has been critical of fellow Democratic candidates Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. Both Warren and Sanders support Medicare For All. Buttigieg continues to push Medicare For All Who Want It. Buttigieg worries that his colleagues’ plan will decimate the health insurance industry that employs over 2 million Americans. And he thinks it makes himself more electable against Trump.

Now, many believe Buttigieg wanted to maintain the health insurance industry because of his ties to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. Many on Twitter are demanding a #refundpete.

The Black Community and Pete Buttigieg

In some polls, Buttigieg has a zero percent following among blacks. Individuals can certainly have their own opinions, but trends tell an inconvenient truth.

The black community has a problem with the LGBTQ+ community. Unfortunately, straying from heterosexuality is seen as antithetical to being black in many places. And let’s not forget the black community’s close relationship with the church.

So when Twitter users in the black community claim, “Told you so,” about Buttigieg’s newfound ties to big money, it rings false. Most black people simply see Buttigieg’s sexuality “as a barrier.”

However, probably the biggest problem facing the Democratic Party (including Buttigieg) is how the DNC treats black voters. Often, Democrats treat black voters as one uniform voting bloc. If Buttigieg (or any candidate besides Biden) is going to find much support among black voters, they had better start seeing the black community as internally diverse.