Sanders: My “Ideas” Are NOT “Far-Left”


The Democrat Party and left-wing 2020 candidates are no strangers to accusations of extremism. Conservatives are some of the harshest critics of what they deem as radically far-left policies.

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Many of the policies which 2020 Democrats are backing include Medicare-for-All, the Green New Deal, Housing-for-All, etc. The thing is that each of these proposals is radically expensive, would amount of trillions of dollars, and destroy a series of jobs along the way.

Democrat candidates have pushed back against those who accuse them of being radical and far-left. One of those candidates just so happens to include Bernie Sanders.

On Saturday, Sanders contradicted the claims of those who brand his “ideas” as extreme and far-left.

Everything You Need to Know About Sanders’ Perception of His Policies

Firstly, it’s important to understand that Sanders believes what he has to offer is of value. The self-proclaimed Democratic-socialist also regularly asserts that bringing government into Americans’ healthcare, education, etc. will ensure a more fair outcome. Then, we have to remember that a significant amount of Sanders’ support is comprised of college students and others who have yet to learn there are no free lunches.