Space Race: Bezos claims Branson not flying high enough


Billionaire CEO Richard Branson’s team is planning on launching a historic flight on their VSS Unity spacecraft.  And Virgin Galactic is getting a lot of attention to his space flight. But half the fun may be beating Bezos into space. So the billionaire space race continues.

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Stephen Colbert is hosting a Livestream, and Khalid will be introducing a brand-new song to launch the flight.

The billionaire space race is “on.” First, Amazon billionaire Bezos announced that on July 20th his company Blue Origin was launching an 11-minute rocket-ride into low orbit space. And he planned to be an onboard passenger on his suborbital New Shepard system flight.

Then Branson announced that he will take flight on Virgin’s high-powered plane 9 days before Bezos can get off the ground. And he plans on being on that “high-altitude airplane” in person.

Bezos tweets a comparison

On Friday, Bezos took to Twitter. His complaint was that Branson wasn’t flying high enough to make it into space. Is 80km really space? Jeff Bezos says Virgin Galactic’s flights are not going into space according to international standards. And that “space begins 100 km up at the internationally recognized Kármán line.”