How to Take Control of Anger


The second potential root cause of our anger is fear. An acronym that’s used to describe fear is False Evidence Appearing Real and it’s an apt description. We feel fear when we’re worried about a potential outcome, but in most cases, our fears are unfounded.

Our own emotions feed our fear and we let it take control of us. This can cause great anxiety which we feel both physically and emotionally. It’s not a rational emotion, but it feels very real. It often sneaks up on us quite quickly.

When you feel fear building, it’s important to sit back and take a breath. I find it helpful to picture a more positive alternative outcome in your mind’s eye and focus on that instead. It’s amazing what a difference shifting your focus to emotions that are more positive can make.

An example from my own personal experience might help to illustrate what I mean. When I went to prison, I could have been overwhelmed with fear. Instead, I made a conscious effort to take control of my anxieties and overcome my fears. I knew my situation was only temporary and I made the most of the situation by doing a lot of inner reflection. I read a lot as well. The point is you can take control of fear if you just take time to breathe and accept the situation for what it is.