10 Reasons Why Donald Trump Will Be Remembered as the Best President Ever


Thanks to Trump, Department of Homeland Security officials have taken thousands of MS-13 gang members into custody. Likewise, the Department of Justice and Central American allies have indicted various MS-13 gang members. Overall, illegal immigration has decreased; this trend is so prevalent that immigrants who unlawfully entered America are “self-deporting,” leaving the country voluntarily, as opposed to forcibly.

The economic and legal plights of illegal immigration are matters that Democrats tend to shy away from. Instead of acknowledging these issues, they prefer to assert that anyone who opposes unlawful entry into this country is racist. However, “immigrant” is not a race. Immigrants are more than welcome to come to America, so long as they do so legally.

#10. President Trump Defies the Odds

Ultimately, Trump will be remembered as the best president ever because he defies the odds. Since the inception of his candidacy, countless people doubted his abilities. First, critics said he wouldn’t run. Then, they said Trump would never win the Republican nomination. After he secured the nomination, naysayers claimed that Trump would fail to defeat Clinton. Each and every one of these assertions turned out to be wrong.

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