10 Reasons Why Donald Trump Will Be Remembered as the Best President Ever


From the moment that Donald Trump announced his decision to run for president, he became a game changer in the political arena. Countless Americans rallied behind him, while others doubted him. Some of then-candidate Trump’s most outspoken critics claimed that he would eventually drop out of the race. Then they claimed he would face defeat by Hillary Clinton.

Yet, despite the critics, naysayers and doubters, President Trump trailblazed his way to victory in 2016.

#1. President Trump is an Outsider

Trump’s entry into the political arena completely altered prior notions regarding politics. Until 2016, most Americans believed that anyone who wished to become president must have previous political experience. However, Trump was never a politician prior to seeking office. He earned his fortune as a successful businessman and television personality. Throughout the 2016 election, Trump’s critics blasted him for his lack of political experience; little did they know, the president’s outsider status would be a significant factor in his victory.

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