10 Reasons Why Donald Trump Will Be Remembered as the Best President Ever


From the moment that Donald Trump announced his decision to run for president, he became a game changer in the political arena. Countless Americans rallied behind him, while others doubted him. Some of then-candidate Trump’s most outspoken critics claimed that he would eventually drop out of the race. Then they claimed he would face defeat by Hillary Clinton.

Yet, despite the critics, naysayers and doubters, President Trump trailblazed his way to victory in 2016.

#1. President Trump is an Outsider

Trump’s entry into the political arena completely altered prior notions regarding politics. Until 2016, most Americans believed that anyone who wished to become president must have previous political experience. However, Trump was never a politician prior to seeking office. He earned his fortune as a successful businessman and television personality. Throughout the 2016 election, Trump’s critics blasted him for his lack of political experience; little did they know, the president’s outsider status would be a significant factor in his victory.

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One of the greatest aspects of Trump’s service as commander in chief is his inspiration to others. Since his time in the White House, he has proven that being a career politician is not a prerequisite to running for office and making a difference in this great nation. As such, other outsiders, including former WWE champions, are now making their entry into the political arena.

#2. President Trump Speaks Candidly

For far too long, the American people have been forced to deal with smooth-talking, scripted and rehearsed politicians. However, Trump does not fall into these categories. He addresses matters as they are and is not afraid to fight back when attacked. Moreover, the president’s effective manners of communications allow him to connect with Americans.

Throughout the 2016 election and Trump’s presidency, his critics have slammed his use of Twitter. In recent months, anti-Trump individuals have even called for Twitter to suspend the president’s accounts; Twitter has declined to honor these requests.

Nevertheless, Trump’s tweets allow Americans to hear directly from him without the filters of the mainstream media. As technology becomes more and more dominant in the modern world, our leaders must also learn to adapt; the president is already way ahead of the game.

#3. President Trump Exposed Liberal Fascism

Any individual with even a shred of political awareness can agree that division in America is at an all-time high. As such, many people in this country have different viewpoints regarding which person or group ought to shoulder the blame. As can be expected, many progressives and liberals have faulted Trump and his policies. The intolerant left alleges that Trump’s policies and reform measures are to blame for the current state of division.

As usual, the assertions made by progressives and other left-wingers couldn’t possibly be more inaccurate. Trump did not engender the left’s hatred; he exposed it. Violent protests, scaling the Statue of Liberty, heckling Trump administration officials and tossing them out of restaurants are all actions that the left has willingly engaged in. The president has greatly exposed the lengths to which the left will go when they feel as though they’re not getting what they want.

#4. President Trump Saved America from Hillary Clinton

Had Trump not run for office, it is very likely that Americans would currently be stuck with Clinton as the commander in chief. Clinton embodied corruption, dishonesty, entitlement and every other negative trait that is typically associated with politicians. Furthermore, the former secretary of state had a terrible track record during her time as a government official and felt entitled to the Oval Office.

Aside from Clinton’s abysmal experience and character, her proposed policies were even worse. Were it not for Trump, Americans might currently be faced with higher taxes, upsurges in illegal immigration and other dastardly policies that would run this country into the ground. Thanks to the current president, the economy is at an all-time high, illegal immigration has decreased and the amount of Americans on food stamps has also declined.

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#5. President Trump Supports Law Enforcement

Throughout the 2016 election, law and order stood as a benchmark of Trump’s campaign. Even throughout his presidency, Trump has vocalized his support for law enforcement officers. This is more important than ever, particularly in a time where left-wing socialists and violent protesters are rallying for the abolition of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Law enforcement officers play a vital role in upholding the safety and sacredness of America. Without the bravest men and women in this nation, the United States would rapidly regress into anarchy, chaos and eventual ruin. Having a president who is willing to support the people who help make America great matters; it sets a good precedent.

#6. President Trump Personifies Success

One of the most remarkable aspects of Trump is his success. The president owns multiple hotels, resorts, golf courses, residential towers and more. He has authored multiple best-selling books and currently maintains a net worth in the billions.

Unfortunately, success is something that is constantly under attack by progressives and Democrats. These attacks are largely carried out by the left’s incessant calls to increase taxes on wealthy, successful Americans. However, what the liberal left fails to realize is that one cannot make the poor rich by making the rich poor.

Success is something that must be earned and worked for. Having Trump in office places a spotlight on his achievements; it also shows that anything can be accomplished with determination, gumption, hard work and consistency.

#7. President Trump Bridges Gaps

Another highlight of Trump’s presidency is his ability to bridge gaps. This ability particularly presented itself with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Prior to the June Singapore summit, Trump and Kim Jong Un maintained a tense relationship, to say the least. Both parties frequently criticized one another. This subsequently prompted Trump critics to opine that he would drag America into World War III.

Of course, people who held this opinion turned out to be wrong. The president’s meeting with Kim Jong Un resulted in the signing of an agreement in which Kim Jong Un affirmed his decision to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula. In exchange, Trump also agreed to halt joint military unions with South Korea.

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