10 Reasons Why Donald Trump Will Be Remembered as the Best President Ever


One of the greatest aspects of Trump’s service as commander in chief is his inspiration to others. Since his time in the White House, he has proven that being a career politician is not a prerequisite to running for office and making a difference in this great nation. As such, other outsiders, including former WWE champions, are now making their entry into the political arena.

#2. President Trump Speaks Candidly

For far too long, the American people have been forced to deal with smooth-talking, scripted and rehearsed politicians. However, Trump does not fall into these categories. He addresses matters as they are and is not afraid to fight back when attacked. Moreover, the president’s effective manners of communications allow him to connect with Americans.

Throughout the 2016 election and Trump’s presidency, his critics have slammed his use of Twitter. In recent months, anti-Trump individuals have even called for Twitter to suspend the president’s accounts; Twitter has declined to honor these requests.

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Chris Strickland

Best Russian president ever.

Glenda Messina


Don Walker

This is about the most ignorant posting of lies, and out rite bull shit, I've ever seen. Must be Russian trolls.

Nandoicurn Davila

Lies.. wtf? Best president to whom?

Robert Thompson

Is this a joke?

Don Walker

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