10 Reasons Why Donald Trump Will Be Remembered as the Best President Ever


Nevertheless, Trump’s tweets allow Americans to hear directly from him without the filters of the mainstream media. As technology becomes more and more dominant in the modern world, our leaders must also learn to adapt; the president is already way ahead of the game.

#3. President Trump Exposed Liberal Fascism

Any individual with even a shred of political awareness can agree that division in America is at an all-time high. As such, many people in this country have different viewpoints regarding which person or group ought to shoulder the blame. As can be expected, many progressives and liberals have faulted Trump and his policies. The intolerant left alleges that Trump’s policies and reform measures are to blame for the current state of division.

As usual, the assertions made by progressives and other left-wingers couldn’t possibly be more inaccurate. Trump did not engender the left’s hatred; he exposed it. Violent protests, scaling the Statue of Liberty, heckling Trump administration officials and tossing them out of restaurants are all actions that the left has willingly engaged in. The president has greatly exposed the lengths to which the left will go when they feel as though they’re not getting what they want.

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#4. President Trump Saved America from Hillary Clinton

Had Trump not run for office, it is very likely that Americans would currently be stuck with Clinton as the commander in chief. Clinton embodied corruption, dishonesty, entitlement and every other negative trait that is typically associated with politicians. Furthermore, the former secretary of state had a terrible track record during her time as a government official and felt entitled to the Oval Office.

Chris Strickland

Best Russian president ever.

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This is about the most ignorant posting of lies, and out rite bull shit, I've ever seen. Must be Russian trolls.

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Lies.. wtf? Best president to whom?

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Is this a joke?

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