Uber Driver Said to Have Shot and Killed Passenger


Earlier today, an Uber driver shot and murdered a passenger who used the rideshare service, according to The Hill.

An Overview of the Latest Uber Scandal

Over the past couple of years, Uber, a once-popular rideshare service, has found themselves entangled in scandal after scandal. Not too long ago, Uber faced a lawsuit after attempting to pay off hackers who managed to ascertain critical customer data.

However, the troubles of the rideshare service have persisted. Earlier this year, an Uber self-driving car led to the untimely death of an Arizona-based citizen. Following the fatal occurrence, the allowance of Uber’s self-driving cars was thereby terminated.

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Legal matter aside, the company took heat after one of Uber’s executives bemoaned the amount of white, male employees within the company.

Despite the aforementioned happenings, Uber is back in the limelight, yet again. Earlier today, an Uber driver shot and killed a passenger. Naturally, Americans are questioning what led to the subsequent murder of an Uber customer. According to police officers, the driver and passenger somehow got into a verbal confrontation. At some point, the driver pulled his gun and shot the passenger, killing the latter.