a Seven-Year-Old Boy Was Mauled to Death by Neighbors’ Pack of Dogs, Mother Severely Injured

Emily and her son live in an RV behind the Wolfchild residence
Emily and her son live in an RV behind the Wolfchild residence

A pack of dogs — including two Rottweilers — mauled a seven-year-old boy to death while leaving his mother severely injured. 

Kellan Islas and his mother, Emily Islas, 39, were attacked by four dogs at 6 pm on Saturday outside the Wolfchild residence on the Fort Hall Reservation in Idaho

The young boy had been attacked ‘by multiple dogs and was unconscious.’ 

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The pack of dogs included two Rottweilers and two mixed breeds owned by neighbor Benjamin Dominick Wolfchild and his wife. The owners of the dogs were not home at the time of the accident, according to Sho-Ban News.

The deceased child and his mom lived in an RV behind the Wolfchild family’s residence. Emily went to check on her son when he did not return, to find him laying on the Woldchild’s residence porch as dogs continued to maul him.

Emily was left ‘severely injured’ after she tried — but failed — to stop the dogs. She bravely laid on top of her son to protect him, but by the time the dogs stopped, the child had already lost consciousness.