FSU attacks, “railroads” fraternity and sorority system


Of course, there is and always has been a dark side to college life. Greek life in particular has been rightly criticized for hazing.  Binge drinking, excessive use of drugs and other social sins are often portrayed as typical of today’s college atmosphere. However, while the hazing problem may be somewhat unique to Greeks and perhaps college bands, there is no evidence that Greeks’ behaviors on many of these other problems are any different from the greater university population.  Those hostile to Greeks in particular are quick to quote ‘studies,’ but most of those merely parrot unreliable self-reporting by students.

Whether the inclination is either to promote the values of Greek life or condemn them, only a few would argue that campus Greeks should not have the same rights as other students or student organizations.  The rights of individuals to associate, to speak freely, to generally enjoy life and liberty and to pursue their own version of happiness are assurances upon which every American should be able to depend. Apparently, at Florida State University, most of those God-given rights are being eliminated, of course, for the good of the students.  It remains to be seen if the national and local alumni leaders or the current active student participants will accept the surrender of their civil rights and special tax assessments being forced upon them.

Plan is to Target and Bankrupt Greeks

Greeks number in the minority among students.  The FSU Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life webpage indicates 7,500 fraternity and sorority members in a 35,000-undergraduate population.  According to recent reports, the Florida State Administration now plans to target Greeks as a class, and intends to require all these students to give up most of their civil liberties in order to have the right to not-so-freely associate.

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