FSU attacks, “railroads” fraternity and sorority system


No one who attended the meeting was willing to speak on the record.  However, multiple sources expressed to The Herald that Dr. Hecht’s presentation was a demand for unconditional surrender.

Those same sources also reaffirmed their support for President Thrasher personally, and expressed agreement with his desire to reform the more extreme behaviors of college life and a deep hope that Thrasher is not mandating this draconian approach and will lead with a much more reasonable one.

At the same time they noted that the indefinite suspension more than likely violates the Constitutional rights of adult students attending FSU.  The rights of all students should include due process, freedom of association, freedom of speech and assembly.  FSU Greeks had long lost the right of due process, now they face the elimination of even more fundamental Constitutional guarantees, singly as a class.

Unfortunately, Dr Hecht seems bent on imposing unreasonable if not un-Constitutional demands designed to crush the Greeks financially and make continuing operations practically impossible.