FSU attacks, “railroads” fraternity and sorority system


Many Greek students felt they had done nothing wrong and were being unfairly targeted.  Many were outraged.  Most Greek organizations operate like businesses with houses and budgets, and the financial damages of an indefinite suspension would be extreme. This has proven true as memberships have reduced, fees gone unpaid, events cancelled, and deposits lost, costing these students significant financial damages, collectively likely into the low millions. The pending loss of an entire membership cycle may be most damning.

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At the time, however, the Greek students and their alumni leaders chose to place their trust in President Thrasher.  Everyone understood the gravity of a tragic death, and wanted to respect both the President and Coffee’s family during their immediate period of loss.

The University’s ‘First Offer’ is a Death Sentence

Now, nearly three months following the tragedy, the temporary, indefinite suspension remains in place. On January 16, Dr. Amy Hecht presented the University’s “first offer” for restoration of Greek life.  National and local fraternity leaders were appalled.  Many were left stunned, wondering if their trust, patience and respect for the Administration were misplaced.