FSU attacks, “railroads” fraternity and sorority system


One attendee said “The proposals presented today by Dr. Hecht are not just arduous; they’re punitive and destructive in the extreme. If imposed, the market will speak and there will be no more Greeks at FSU.”

“We trusted President Thrasher and joined with him to work to change the culture to make our chapters safer and better, even though we felt the broad suspension was unfair to our chapters who had done nothing wrong. We now can only hope that the President will intervene quickly and present a fair proposal.”

The alternative will require tough decisions.

“We feel we have been betrayed”

The two initial meetings on Tuesday were polite, but most Greek representatives left the meetings stunned by the breadth and depth of the demands, as well as the deeply restrictive aspects of every individual tenant proposed. The word “Draconian” was a common description used by the participants.

Some who claimed to have been working with FSU since the start of the suspension felt a tremendous sense of betrayal. “We worked with the University in good faith.  That good faith was not returned, and it’s been thrown back in our faces.”