FSU attacks, “railroads” fraternity and sorority system


“Those willing to sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.”  Benjamin Franklin’s words did not ignore the necessity of government, they were intended to remind us of the limitations we must keep on government. The power to tax and regulate, given to the government by the people, is meant to ensure prosperity, fair play, and consistent application of the rule of law. In authoritarian hands, even when well intentioned, it can destroy. Unfortunately, the latter method appears to be in play now at Florida State University.

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College Greek-letter fraternities and sororities share a birth date (1776) with the country itself. For hundreds of years college fraternities and sororities have contributed spirit and energy to university campuses. So called ‘Greeks’ have been called the heart and soul of large state universities, especially in the South.  Greek life brings out its best on college football Saturdays with its rabid fans.  The ‘Greek’ students foster fellowship, develop leadership and political skills among their membership, and encourage community service, including raising millions of dollars for charities annually. Greek alumni typically support their respective alma maters more generously than non-Greek cohorts.