Mob boss Whitey Bulger murdered in conspiracy of inmates in 2018


During last week’s detention hearing Assistant U.S. Attorney Hannah Nowalk described to the court McKinnon’s phone call with his mother. 

He told her that the “higher profile” inmate was Bulger. His mother reportedly asked him to stay away from the gangster.

“I can’t,” McKinnon responded. 

His mother was concerned that he would get in trouble. But according to Nowalk, he reassured her that “Oh don’t worry. Oh, I don’t plan it.” 

 Magistrate Judge Philip Lammens then ordered McKinnon be held behind bars until the trial.

Prosecutors claim McKinnon was alerted that Bulger was being transferred to the USP Hazelton facility.

Sean McKinnon was the inmate charged with being the lookout while 2 others beat Bulger to death. His phone calls on a recorded prison phone line are under review.

McKinnon’s attorney claims “no conspiracy

McKinnon’s public defender, Christine Bird, claims that the phone call doesn’t prove McKinnon’s involvement in a murder plot.

And says that “the entire unit was alerted that Whitey Bulger was coming to the unit.”