Murderer’s Confession Caught on Tape


By comparison, Jeremy Scott has a more colorful list of accomplishments while incarcerated. His most recent run-in with the law occurred in March of 2017 when he flashed a circuit judge and took a swing at a bailiff. Before that, destroying a sprinkler with a food tray, possession of weapons, possession of stimulants, and fighting. One incident, in 2001, involved Scott spitting in a correction officer’s face and saying, “I’m going to kill your f**k ass.”

Apart from serving life sentences, what could these two men have in common?

In 2004, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement found that a previously unidentified set of fingerprints that were found in Michelle Schofield’s vehicle belonged to Jeremy Scott.

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It seemed like Leo had finally caught a break. He and his wife Crissie (whom he had met while volunteering as a teaching aide in a life skills course for inmates) pursued a hearing based on this new evidence.

Jeremy Scott took the stand and stated that his fingerprints were in the vehicle because he was trying to steal the car’s stereo system. The motion for a new trial was denied, again. However, this would not be the last time these two very different men crossed paths.