Murderer’s Confession Caught on Tape


As Avalon proceeded, Scott revealed that prior to the 2010 hearing, Prosecutor John Aguero had an unrecorded meeting with Scott where “[Aguero] told me to stay — keep the same story I had about the — about the robbery of the car. And I did.”

Apparently, Scott had been under the impression that Aguero could influence an upcoming parole hearing. After saying he lied under oath at the 2010 hearing, Scott said “I was trying — I was trying to get — I was trying to get out of prison.”

Jeremy Scott’s life in prison has been one of loneliness and solitude. His violent tendencies tend to put him on the wrong side of his fellow inmates as well as the officers tasked with supervising him. The only family contact he has maintained, the records show, was his grandmother, who passed away a couple of years ago.

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Avalon questions him about her, in a sudden change of pace asking, “your grandmother’s dead right?”

Scott responded angrily, “What’s – leave her out of this.”

Avalon continued, “She’s the only that cared about you, wasn’t she?” “No one’s sending you any money, correct?” “This whole courtroom of people, nobody’s here for you, are they?” “You can’t even afford to buy deodorant, can you?” “You’re a lifer.”