Murderer’s Confession Caught on Tape


“I panicked when she started hitting on [striking] me and the knife fell out of my jacket. It wasn’t meant for nobody. I live alone on the streets. I’ve been holding this confession for a long time. I don’t know what Leo is guilty of. Whatever the State said he did in other cases I don’t know but I do know he didn’t murder his wife.” – Jeremy Scott

You can listen to the haunting confession here:

On October 12, 2017, Jeremy Scott took the stand. Scott was agitated the day he testified and displayed frustration that he was being asked to repeat statements he made in the recording. And repeat them he did, as Assistant State Attorney Victoria J. Avalon grilled Scott.

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Avalon began her long, grueling line of questioning by goading Scott, asking him, “…you’re going to die in prison, whatever the parole commission does, aren’t you?”

“You’re going to die behind chain link” – VIctoria J. Avalon

Avalon then proceeded to go over this point, showing Scott multiple documents from his murder trial, and then asking him again, “…you’re still never getting out?” “And you know that right?”, and then “You’re going to die behind chain link, right?”