Presbyterian Church Provides Relief in Puerto Rico’s Humanitarian Crisis

This young baby may not appreciate the diapers, but his mother sure does.

You Can Help Trinity Help Others

These are the stories of everyday men and women who are heroes to other ordinary men and women for simple acts because they are in a place to help.

If you are in a place to help, please visit Trinity-Puerto Rico’s Facebook page and give what you can. Click HERE for a direct link to donate. Pastor Bruce Clark has committed all funds raised to go directly to the relief effort providing diapers for babies, milk to children, and necessities to our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico. Please do what you can to help Clark help our fellow-Americans in Puerto Rico.

To donate to this tax-exempt organization, please visit Trinity Puerto Rico’s Facebook Page Here or donate directly via Trinity-Puerto Rico’s PayPal donate link HERE.  Additional information about Trinity-PR is provided  on thier Facebook Page by clicking HERE