Presbyterian Church Provides Relief in Puerto Rico’s Humanitarian Crisis


USA Herald is proud to feature the efforts of Trinity, and we hope our readers will find these stories so compelling they will do what they can to help Clark and Trinity do more for our countrymen and women in Puerto Rico as they are still suffering from the aftermath of Maria. To donate to Trinity-Puerto Rico’s relief effort, please go to their direct donation link @:

Rev. Bruce Clark came to Puerto Rico two years ago to lead an effort to recruit leaders. Trinity-Puerto Rico kicked off with a deep conviction that Puerto Rico-as an island, as a culture, but primarily as a people– has so much to offer the world. Clark notes that Puerto Rico already exercises an undue cultural influence on the world through the performing arts and athletics, that is incredibly disproportionate to its size.

In addition to cultivating a local life-giving community of faith, Trinity-Puerto Rico seeks to mentor the island’s many gifted, educated 20-somethings, who are bi-lingual and bi-cultural and who, given the opportunity and encouragement (via mentorship), have the potential to be future cross-cultural leaders in all manner of fields, but especially religious leadership. Their goal: to raise up Latino leaders for the western world.

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