Presbyterian Church Provides Relief in Puerto Rico’s Humanitarian Crisis


Pastor Clark points to one Puerto Rican volunteer who told him the story of when she was in line at the grocery store, and a local Puerto Rican man began ranting loudly about “gringos” not caring about Puerto Rico. The woman said: ‘In that moment, I was forced to choose between group solidarity and cowardess and what I knew was true from my own personal experience. I spoke up: I know a gringo pastor whose church here in Puerto Rico has tirelessly been giving $10,000 a day worth of supplies to the poorest of the poor here, those hardest hit. I’ve worked with him. Maybe you should too! You know, they’re not all the same.”

For those looking to change hearts and minds, look no further. Clark is convinced that the American ideals of charity and kindness are alive and well and on full display every day in Puerto Rico.

The stories, one after another, show the kindness, the humanity of us all. An elderly, white-haired man offered biblical thoughts saying: “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!” A beautiful young mother added, “Thank you so much for being with us in this moment.” The sincerity of these comments and the humility offered by those giving thanks is remarkable.

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