Presbyterian Church Provides Relief in Puerto Rico’s Humanitarian Crisis


In the wake of Maria’s devastation, Trinity-PR altered its recruiting mission to merely serve the community. Clark wisely took advantage of ready-made relief organizations by utilizing existing networks and enlisting local Puerto Ricans, regardless of their religious views or affiliations to help resource pre-existing regional community centers (refugee centers, community centers, worship centers, etc.) to help distribute and give essential supplies to the hardest hit neighborhoods. Clark empowered these local community leaders who were are already caring for their society and were able to efficiently distribute goods because of their existing efforts to mobilize volunteers and because they already knew who was most in need and how to get them the help they needed.

So much to give and so much more needed.

So much to give and so much more needed.

Pastor Clark himself could wear a Superman outfit, and it would not do him justice for his heroic efforts to help his neighbors after Maria. He comes across and acts like “just a guy with a van and some supplies, here to help.” His quick smile, warm humility, and ridiculously fit physique, however, reveal that there is a lot more to this man than he wants to let on. Seeing Clark and his fellow church members doing their incredible work of charity makes one forget that he is a graduate of the US Air Force Academy and holds a Ph.D. from Cambridge. Yet, Clark personifies precisely with the USAFA and Cambridge can only hope to produce as graduates. Make no mistake about it; this leader is a hero to many on this island.

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