Presbyterian Church Provides Relief in Puerto Rico’s Humanitarian Crisis


Puerto Rico remains a very religious place, contradicting the changes affecting most of the rest of the world. It celebrates religious holidays, sometimes for days and Puerto Rican’s remain unbashful about dancing, singing and praying. Puerto Rican citizens are predominantly Christian, and the Church’s long history here is a still apparent. The relief effort has shown the very best of all Puerto Rican’s and those in service to God have made a significant effort to help their fellow men and women. Puerto Rican’s are not afraid to thank the Church either! A man passing Clark’s team in a car shouted: “Who are you guys?” to which they responded: “We are the church, the people of Jesus,” and he said, “Really?! Wow, the church has come here before anyone else.”


Never too busy to pau se for a prayer of thanks.

A young man stopped Pastor Clark and said: “You and your people are Jesus in action.” Yesterday a man said, “Wow, God has been so good to us through your help.” These are reflections of humanity at its most vulnerable, and humans welcoming and thanking God in their worst of times for God’s grace. These are indeed remarkable reactions from people worried about today because tomorrow is just too far away.

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