Opinion: Upwork (UPWK) is more valuable than LinkedIn


For the first time ever I was able to see beyond the “best references” and actually read real reviews from former clients.  This proved to be exceptionally useful in my search for a new developer.

By way of example, who would you hire:

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When you compare apple to apples, Caitlin L. is higher rated and has set a rate similar to Gabriel, therefore he’s the better choice of the two.

This search took all of 2 minutes to identify top talent for my business and it cost me nothing.

I eventually found a new developer on Upwork and hired him.  The experience far surpassed my expectations, and now, over 1 year later, I am still working with that developer.

My experience with Upwork was so good that I started sourcing additional talent off of Upwork including but not limited to:

Salesforce CRM Developer – took less than 10 minutes to find a world class SalesForce CRM developer that lives near me.

Copywriters – found great talent on Upwork to create content for my company’s blog.

Graphic Designers – hired designers from Russia to Hungary, all of which were reasonably priced for the top quality work product they produced.