Opinion: Upwork (UPWK) is more valuable than LinkedIn


Amazon Expert – found a world class Amazon expert that used to actually work for Amazon.   He handled the professional photos for our business and did an amazing job with our listings.

Shopify Developer – hired 2 great Shopify developers that saved me months of headaches in getting our Shopify account setup.

Hubspot – although i found a great developer on Hubspot, I ended up going with Salesforce.  Nevertheless it took minutes to find the support I needed on Hubspot, which is a CRM i would not recommend.

I’ve hired for many more positions off of Upwork and have realized that without Upwork there is no way my business could have expanded to where we are today.

The best part of hiring on Upwork is that the platform is truly end-to-end.   When I engage a freelancer, I simply authorize my credit card to get billed, whereby the payment is placed into Upwork’s escrow account.   Only after I approve the work by the freelancer will Upwork release it.

To date I’ve never had a bad experience with any freelancers on Upwork.   The scammers steer clear of the platform because they can’t get their money until it is released by the client.   Also, Upwork carefully reviews applications of freelancers on its network and from what I have heard it is becoming increasingly harder to get approved.

Upwork is a Monopoly

I’ve searched high and low for a competitor to Upwork, none exists.