A TikToker filmed a “Gender Reveal” with her Boyfriend, then Remembered he was Colorblind

Jenna Cowan's
Jenna Cowan's "gender reveal"

London-based TikToker Jenna Cowan filmed a “gender reveal” video with her boyfriend. However, according to the caption, she remembered he was colorblind only after the confetti popped.

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In the January 6 video, which has been accumulated 2.5 million times, Cowan’s boyfriend popped a pink confetti shot into the air. The on-screen text read, “Not me forgetting my boyf is colour blind during our gender reveal,” followed by a crying emoji.

Her partner said, “I was thinking, you alright hun😅? Then it hit me.”

“So easy to forget, isn’t it?” Cowan commented in response to a viewer on January 7. “I felt so bad,” she later added.

Cowan responded to another viewer who said, “I feel like that minute of not knowing and then his face changing made this video so much more beautiful,” writing that she agreed.

“We were in such shock for a while after,” she commented. “Off-camera,” she told Insider, “he didn’t react too much — we were so overwhelmed by the fact that we are having a little girl.”

Other viewers shared similar stories in the comments: “I remember I sent my dad who’s color blind my gender reveal picture, which was handprints in paint, and he said ‘oh lovely…what is it?’ lol,” wrote one user.