A Woman Shared a Video About Her Salary On Tiktok; Got Fired By The Company

Lexi Larson
Lexi Larson

A woman in Denver shared a video about her salary to TikTok, but she says she was fired after the firm found out about it.

In June, Lexi Larson shared a TikTok video saying her salary had risen from $70,000 at a marketing agency to $90,000 after landing a job in the tech industry. 

Nonetheless, Larson says that after her firm found her TikTok account, she began deleting videos to try to avoid angering her bosses. She was aware her right to discuss her salary was federally protected by the National Labor Relations Act but still decided to take them down, USA Today reports.

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Eventually, her supervisor discussed the TikTok account with her.

The company “really, really did not like” her videos sharing her salary, Larson said in a video. When she asked the firm whether she’d posted any videos that violated security measures, she said, superiors told her “no” but weren’t willing to “take that risk.”

“TikTok cost me my job,” Larson said in the same video announcing her termination, which she said came about two weeks after she was hired. “Two days later, after they talked to me about my TikTok account, they did end up firing me because they said me having this account was a security concern.”