Andrew Tate Accused of Distorting, Abusing Islam For His Own Gain


Online influencer Andrew Tate has remained in Romanian detention for months, due to human trafficking, organized crime, and rape allegations that stand against him.

A recap of Tate’s arrest and the aftermath

Tate stands accused of the following serious crimes:

  • Using the loverboy human trafficking method to get women to work for him on webcams (Tate has described what many understand as the loverboy method in his previous videos detailing his interactions with women)
  • Detaining women at his home and not allowing them to leave (Tate has admitted on video that women in his home aren’t allowed to go places)
  • Sexual assault (Since Tate’s detainment, Vice released a WhatsApp voice memo of Tate telling a woman he “loved” raping her and declaring himself to be “the most dangerous man” on earth)
  • Using his female associates to manage and keep trafficked women in line
  • Forcing women to work on webcams for 12 hours per day with only five-minute breaks
  • Domestic violence against women and girlfriends (In various videos put out by Tate, he’s admitted to slapping and choking women, even saying “bang out the machete, boom her in the face, shut up b*tch, sex”)

In Romania, a judge who denied multiple appeals by Tate to exit detention warned that he and those arrested alongside him have a propensity for detecting, abusing, and scapegoating vulnerable women.