AZ Attorney General on Kelly/Warner Law Firm: “It appears the State Bar is taking appropriate enforcement action”


UCLA Law Professor Eugene Volokh published an article yesterday covering the Arizona State Bar’s disciplinary complaint against both Attorney Aaron Kelly and Attorney Daniel Warner, whom are accused of multiple counts of fraud on the court:

“There is no notary in Fulton County named Amanda Sparks…. The notarization by Amanda Sparks is a forgery…. Connie Hood and Jesse Wood are not real. Chonnie Hood and Jesse Wood were fabricated in order to obtain a stipulated order of permanent injunction removing criticism of Adam Lynd from the internet…. Howard Marks is not real…. Robert Smith is not real…. Damon Lentz is not real….”

In response to Eugene Volokh’s article on the complaint filed against the Kelly Warner Law Firm by the Arizona Bar, Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s office released this official statement today “It appears the State Bar is taking appropriate enforcement action.”   According to a legal expert, “if even one of the dozens of allegations the State Bar has made against Attorney Kelly and Attorney Warner is proved to be true, the likely outcome is permanent disbarment.”

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