Best Affordable Gifts For Teenagers For Any Season

Best Gifts
Best Gifts

We feel you — teenagers are notoriously hard to shop for. But that’s all the more reason to give them a gift that shows how much you care. While teens can be fickle and picky, they’ll appreciate a thoughtful gift more than they’re likely to let on.

We rounded up teen-approved gifts to make your search a little bit easier, with a little something for every teen and tween.

A printable coloring book 

Coloring books can be a perfect gift for a teenager who loves spending time grappling with the imaginative side of the brain. This includes the author’s printable coloring pages, which are sure to amaze you and your loved ones, whether they’re fans of dark fantasy-themed illustrations, animes, or princes and princesses.

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Printable Coloring Page from Princess Coloring Book by Rochdi Rais
Printable Coloring Page from the Princess Coloring Book by Rochdi Rais

Printable Coloring Pages, available at Etsy from $3

A ring light

A person stirs a pot of food on a stove while the Yesker 14-Inch Ring Light holds an iPhone shooting video.


Yesker 14-inch Ring Light, available at Amazon from $77.39