Biden claims that Afghanistan evacuation is going well


Afghanistan evacuation has been a disaster so far. Huge crowds at Afghanistan’s Kabul airport are being seen by satellite. And there are international reports that both Americans and Afghans are trying to flee the Taliban

President Joe Biden has been publically ordered by the Taliban to stick to the  U.S. evacuation deadline of August 31st. And he claims he will meet their demands.

In Sunday interviews Niki Haley says that Biden has surrendered to the Taliban. And she joins a number of international voices that claim Biden has been mishandling the US withdrawal.

A botched Afghanistan evacuation

In early July the U.S. military left Afghanistan’s Bagram Airfield by cutting off the electricity and slipping away in the middle of the night. And they didn’t bother to notify the base’s new Afghan commander, Gen. Mir Asadullah Kohistani.

This was a clear sign to the Taliban to take over the country. Which they began to do immediately. And their effort was largely successful throughout August.