Biden claims that Afghanistan evacuation is going well


Afghanistan’s military quickly laid down its weapons. And just as quickly the Taliban collected them. Military aircraft and armored vehicles left on the battlefield have fallen into enemy hands. And weapons, aircraft, and vehicles abandoned at Bagram were also in their hands.

So today as the Taliban advances throughout Afghanistan thousands are attempting to flee.

The local news is filled with the Taliban’s murder of Afghan women. And the news is that Taliban death squads are going door-to-door looking for pro-Western women.

And some women were even caught driving. Or in-public not covered to meet the standards of the Taliban’s extremist views.

Thousands wait and hope at airport

In the meantime, Hamid Karzai International Airport is the only safe departure point in the embattled country.

Americans, foreign nationals, and Afghans whose work for aid organizations put them at greater risk are desperate. And those who assisted in the war effort are certain they will not survive under the Taliban.