BREAKING: Helicopter crash landed on the roof of midtown Manhattan building

Helicopter crash
Source: screenshot of video posed by IP lawyer Lance Koonce on Twitter

A helicopter crash landed and caught on fire at the roof of a building in midtown Manhattan on Monday afternoon, according to New York authorities.

The incident occurred on top of 787 Seventh Avenue, a 54-story building known as the Axa Equitable Center. Hundreds of fire and EMS units responded to the incident.

The New York Police Department (NYPD) said the fire “has been extinguished and” and it is requesting people to avoid the area.

A Twitter user and IP Lawyer Lance Coonce posted a video of the helicopter crash. He said he heard a loud sound of of a “too-low helicopter” and saw a sheet of flame on roof and then smoke.”

Pilot killed in the helicopter crash

The New York City Fire Department (FDNY) tweeted that one person was killed in the helicopter crash.

The department’s spokesperson Myles Miller confirmed that the helicopter’s pilot is dead.

In an interview with CNN, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said no person was injured when the helicopter crash landed on the building. He added that ‘“Some people have been evacuated” and some who were inside at the time of the incident “said they felt the building shake.”

In addition, Cuomo said, “If you’re a New Yorker, you have a level of PTSD from 9/11. And I remember that morning all too well. So as soon as you hear an aircraft hit a building, my mind goes where every New Yorker’s mind goes.”

President Donald Trump said he already received a briefing regarding the incident and his administration is ready to provide any support to New York.