Dallas Hospital shooter wearing ankle monitor had history of violent crimes


 Again, in June, Garcia said, Hernandez was arrested for a second parole violation. And turned over again to the custody of Texas prisons. He was released last month with the ankle monitor he wore during the shooting.

He was permitted to be with his ‘significant other’ at the hospital during her delivery. Authorities haven’t released any information on why Hernandez was allowed the hospital visit. And why he was able to carry a gun after multiple violations of parole for a felony conviction.

Methodist Medical System Police Chief Glen Fowler of the Methodist Medical System said Monday the hospital did not receive advance notice of Hernandez’s criminal history or that he was being tracked with an ankle monitor.

 ‘That’s not something we normally inquire about for a parent. This is an extremely horrific, out-of-the-norm situation. I wish that we would have known, but that is not some information that was provided to us beforehand.’

The DPD is leading an investigation into the shooting. There will be a review by the Texas prison system’s Office of Inspector General.

Unfolding tragedy

The tragedy unfolded after Hernandez accused his girlfriend, who had just given birth of cheating. He pulled a gun out and hit her on the head several times with it. And said to her that ‘whoever comes in this room is going to die with us.’