Depoliticizing the Healthcare Debate


There are few issues so hotly debated amongst the American public than healthcare, and it’s easy to see why: healthcare affects literally every single human being living in the United States. As a result, there exist millions of distinct positions on how to improve the way Americans access care, and arguments on the subject typically reach a fever pitch.

The tone and ferocity of these discussions can make it exceedingly difficult to cut through the hyperbole and examine the real facts of the matter. However, stepping away from rhetoric and taking a closer look at data is just what we need to do if we are going to have a productive discussion about healthcare that can reach both sides of the aisle and help key players work towards an acceptable compromise for all Americans.

The word “compromise” is of particular importance when it comes to healthcare. You’ve heard the old adage: “if you try to please everyone, you’ll end up pleasing no one”? It applies here. Because healthcare affects everybody, there is no way to arrange it so that every single person is totally satisfied. The sheer range of different priorities and positions makes that an impossibility. Instead, we need to find ways to raise the level of discourse and bring down the

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Charles Laverty
Charles Laverty is a contributing writer to USA Herald and entrepreneur focused on health along with wellness. Charles passion is writing and has a knack for covering tough stories that other journalists shy away from, including but not limited to the fitness industry's profiteering over fixing the obestity epidemic. Charles Laverty is an advocate for health, wellness, and fitness. He has a knack for calling out government for bad policies, incompetence, and anti-democratic actions.