Egypt Could Ask Up to $1 Billion in Damages for the Ever Given Blockage of the Suez Canal


Meanwhile, Egyptian authorities added that the blockage could have collateral damage on the supply chains across the world.

On the other hand, Rabie said he is hoping that Egyptians and other countries could reach a compensation agreement “in two or three days”. Otherwise, Egypt might hold the ship in the Great Bitter Lake, north of the Suez Canal

“We could agree on certain compensation, or it goes to court,” he said. “If they decide to go to court, then the ship should be held,” he warned. 

Egyptians are investigating the Ever Given incident

While everyone involved in the blockage is trying to clear themselves from the responsibility of the blockage. Over 800 rescuers said that the mission was extremely hard due to the size of the mega-container.

 “The most difficult thing was the fear,” Aly Awamy, a mechanic on the Mashhour dredger told NBC News in Egypt on Thursday. 

“We were working under something the size of a 10-story building that could have fallen on us.”

The Ever Given’s way was cleared thanks to the efforts of the crew of the Mashhour. The crew’s vessel shifting ability can reach 70,000 cubic feet of sand per hour.