Giuliani Looks Forward to End of Russia Probe

Russian President Vladimir Putin meeting with New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani in 2001.

President Trump announced that he is going to demand that the Justice Department investigate the FBI. The reason will be to uncover a potential infiltration of his presidential campaign. This unusual order came only hours before Trump’s legal team announced that the special counsel stated that the President’s investigation might end by September.

Trump Angry?

On Sunday, Trump posted a tweet that he will officially demand from the Department of Justice an investigation into whether or not the DOJ/FBI surveilled his presidential campaign for political purposes. He also stated that he will demand an answer as to whether Barak Obama’s administration requested the infiltration.

Trump’s demand pushed DOJ. Later on Sunday, the DOJ asked its general inspector to further expand the already existing Russia probe by checking if there was any surveillance that wasn’t properly politically motivated. The White House is trying to combat a potential threat that Robert Mueller, special counsel, poses by investigating possible ties between Trump’s campaign and Russia.

An Interview

Rudy Giuliani, the President’s lawyer, stated that Mueller announced a timetable that suggested that his investigation could end by the first of September. But to make this happen, Trump has to agree to an interview in July. This is currently the new working plan of the legal team.

On Sunday, Giuliani told the media that they asked Mueller’s team how long it would take for the DOJ to issue their report if Trump agrees to the interview. Giuliani referred to the report that Mueller is expected to issue as his conclusion to Congress. He also added that Mueller said September. Giuliani is happy with this because he doesn’t want to drag this investigation into the midterms.

Giuliani also stated that this is going to be the high point of the investigation on the President’s campaign.

The office of the special counsel didn’t respond for comment.

Questions from the American People:

Giuliani seems confident of how the investigation will end. Does that mean Trump will agree to the interview? Or will Trump take advantage of his right to stay silent? Which response seems to fit his personality and how he has handled the investigation so far?