Google Faces £13.6B Consolidated Claim in U.K.


Claudio Pollack voiced the prevailing sentiment, stating, “Google’s abusive conduct in the ad tech market is the subject of various regulatory and legal proceedings around the world, including in the UK, and is a well-known issue.” He added that Google has made it abundantly clear it intends to fight this claim with all its might.

Google £13.6B Consolidated Claim: Uniting for Justice

Without the court’s permission to consolidate their claims, the Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) would have been left to determine which of Arthur and Pollack’s claims of breach of competition law would be the most suitable for certification and trial. To streamline this historic battle, Arthur and Pollack have formed the Ad Tech Collective Action LLP.

Google £13.6B Consolidated Claim: Road to Justice

Before the ultimate trial, a pivotal three-day certification hearing on January 29 will assess whether Ad Tech Collective Action can represent the class and if the claim can proceed on an opt-out basis. If approved, the entity will stand for all publishers in the U.K. who might have suffered from Google’s conduct, except for those who choose to opt out. A smaller opt-in class of publisher partners and resellers will also be included.

Legal Heavyweights Join Forces

Ad Tech Collective Action’s solicitors, Hausfeld & Co. LLP, have highlighted the immense advantages of this consolidation. It marries the expertise and experience of Arthur and Pollack’s advisors, significantly saving time and costs that would otherwise be spent on selecting which claim to proceed with independently.