How Elon Musk’s Attorney Manages His Incredible Caseload


Elon Musk’s attorney, Alex Spiro, is making a name for himself in the BigLaw atmosphere. Known to often be restless and sleepless, the young trial attorney says he doesn’t sleep for more than two hours at a time most nights. The thirty-nine year old supposedly takes two 45-minute naps a day – one at midnight and one at 3:00am.

Spiro, who still represents both Tesla and Musk despite recent rumors, is preparing for the upcoming trial where Musk is accused of inflating stock prices. It is reported the the Twitter CEO not only artificially inflated stock prices, but did so by posting misleading comments on Twitter.

Earlier in the year, Spiro faced rumors that he had been fired by Musk as his counsel. Spiro denies these rumors, sharing that he always intended for his role to “fade out”. During the Twitter acquisition phase, Spiro had this to say, “During those first couple of weeks, I was more involved,” Spiro said. “But I have other urgent and pressing matters for him and others to attend to. I can only try so many cases in a year. There’s only so many hours. So it both naturally and importantly began to fade. I’ll be available when and if needed on various things but not at other points. I’m a pretty regular guy who by accident went to law school,” he said. “I wasn’t supposed to end up working at a BigLaw firm and never intended to, even once I became a lawyer.”