IPPR Thinktank: AI Could End Millions of Jobs for Brits


In the eyes of many, artificial intelligence’s (AI) growing presence in the world is becoming somewhat of a catch-22. Already, various studies confirm this technology can lead to medical advancements, more robust security measures, and other societal net positives.

On the other hand, AI has come under fire for its liabilities. Just earlier this year, reports broke of artificial intelligence being used to create deepfake pornographic images of women without their consent. Already, concerned citizens are calling for various laws to prevent this.

Moreover, AI can potentially infringe upon privacy rights, deliver false positives (or false negatives), and otherwise open cans of worms that are best left shut. Here in America, people feel afraid of this technology wiping out jobs that families rely upon to support themselves.

Across the pond in the United Kingdom, meanwhile, one thinktank believes artificial intelligence may decimate as many as 7.9 million jobs.

Here’s how AI could impact workers in Britain

When assessing the conceivable downfalls of ushering in AI, the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) did not mince words. Per this research group, artificial intelligence could engender the demise of part-time work and entry-level positions, along with administrative employment.