Kanye West Lauds President Trump as his “Brother” Via Twitter


Earlier today, popular rapper Kanye West wrote a series of tweets related to “love,” “free thinkers,” and President Trump.

An Overview of Kanye’s Most Recent Tweets

One of Kanye’s most notable tweets came yesterday when he posted the following cryptic message:

The “2024” tweet engendered a variety of responses. Many people took the message to mean that the rapper will eventually run for President, something that Kanye has alluded to in the past. Americans furthermore noted that Presidential posters with Kanye’s face, “Keep America Great” and “#KANYE2024” have started popping up in various cities across the United States.

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Certain Americans criticized Kanye, stating that he resided in the sunken place. The Sunken place is a reference to the popular 2017 movie “Get Out” pertaining to brainwashing. Nevertheless, the popular rapper controverted claims that his mental health was declining.

Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian West, furthermore slammed her husband’s critics and those who questioned the quality of his mental health:

Despite the backlash, Kanye has continued to tweet in favor of President Trump. After referring to the 45th President as his “brother,” he posted various images of him wearing a pro-Trump, ‘Make America Great Again’ hat:

Shortly afterward, President Trump tweeted back to Kanye, thanking the rapper for his support:

Reactions to Kanye’s Most Recent Tweets

In a sense, the rapper has, in fact, “broken the internet.” “Kanye” is currently the number one trend on Twitter. His support for President Trump seems to have come as a shock to many people. This is especially applicable since many musical artists have strongly criticized the President and even his supporters.

Kanye’s support of President Trump has moreover reignited the debate over free thinking, a theme that the rapper tweeted about. Are celebrities only revered when they espouse left-leaning viewpoints and ideologies? The debates over this question (and many others) are unlikely to subside anytime soon.

Readers of The Hill furthermore chimed in with their thoughts and opinions on Kanye’s latest social media writings:

The guy is a free thinker. As was Thomas Jefferson who said (and wrote) many opposing thoughts he had.

These are actually nice words tweeted by Kanye. I’m sure liberals hate him for it.

A lot of deep seeded racist hate coming to the surface from the liberals I see…..